23 August 2011

mother teresa, bad food and no baking

Oh, Bakin' it to the Streets, how you sneak up on me. I actually have a mental list of all these things I want to make in the next couple of weeks, and I even have the ingredients. But because of time management issues (again) and three little monkeys, I didn't get around to any of it this morning. 

Sooooo, we went to a drive thru. At least the food was hot and filling? I don't know. But I did throw in a banana, just for some balance.

I was so encouraged when I saw this quote a couple of weeks ago, since it basically sums up our little mission in one sentence.

If you have a story you want to share about encouraging someone in need, whether with food or an act of service, please link up here. Your stories encourage me, and others who have the privilege of reading them! I've had some great comments on facebook from friends and family who have been Bakin' it to the Streets - and I love every one of you for it!


  1. oh! i love this idea! we kinda do this, but it is never really planned or with much regularity. consider me joined in now though!!
    bakin' it to the streets-holla! xo

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  3. Ok so you and Mother Teresa finnaly motivated me enough to just do it already...see you on the streets ;)