21 August 2011

a little adoption update.

There isn't much to report, but folks have been asking, so here is where we are:


So far, we have:
had three 2 hour home study sessions
gotten physicals and approved by our doc to bring home a baby
gotten physicals for each of our boys to state they are in good health
went downtown to get our fingerprints done at the sheriff's office
mailed fingerprints to FBI for background check
made copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, and financial statements
had everything notarized
filled out two applications for adoption
written autobiographies and family histories
prayed and prayed and prayed
maybe bought a couple of really, really cute baby girl outfits (I have self control issues)

Now we are waiting semi-patiently for our background check to come back from the FBI. On average, they take two months, and it's been six weeks. I eagerly check the mail every day and am always a little disappointed when it isn't there. That is the final piece our social worker needs to send our home study to the agency.

BUT, I also need to make our photo books and write our letter to the birthmother. With that and the home study, the agency can start showing our profiles to potential birthmothers. My goal is to be totally done by September 1. (Holy MOLES that is in 9 days.)

We would love and so appreciate any prayers you want to offer up for our baby, our family, timing and finances. We are trusting in God to bring this little lady home to us at just the right time and to provide the means to get her here!

In the meantime, let me leave you with this:

Can't wait to see what my Target trips are gonna look like once she's here!


  1. praying for the rest of your waiting to be anxiety and frustration free! love the target photo. ADORABLE! and your future trips will be crazy and hilarious;)

    happy monday, carina! xo

  2. I am so bad at waiting for things, so I can only imagine how it feels to be waiting for a sweet little baby. Your heart for adoption is so inspiring. I love reading about it.


  3. praying for you guys! so excited for you too!!!

  4. good to know the update! so excited for you guys!