25 August 2011


I decided to link up at Life Rearranged again this week. 

life rearranged
My week in cell phone photos. 
It isn't even ALL kids, and that's saying something.
I mean, it's pretty much all kids, but still.

on the last day of our little getaway last week, we went to the amusement park. 
this is worth a photo because they are practically sitting on top of each other and actually loving it, rather than pushing, biting or screeching at one another.
ah, brotherly love.
{my poor george sat forlornly on the sidelines, too little for anything but the carousel.}

my driver. we spent a lot of hours in the car and he was amazingly patient with the three rabble rousers in the back. and i think he told 319 stories to keep them entertained.

back home we went to a cousin's birthday party and they boys looooved the sprinklers.
lute especially loved picking it up and aiming it at the adults. not cool, man.

this is my favorite. ever.
daytime. pajama pants. monkey backpack. pacifier. and he doesn't even use a pacifier.
and he was walking around with my keys, attempting to unlock every doorknob in the house.
i really can't get enough of this boy.

a much needed girls night out. martinis and a lot of good conversation. 
and we all have our cell phones out, because who brings a camera anymore?

all he needs is a bowl of chips and a beer and we have a 42 year old version of my baby. 
who teaches them to sit like this?

It was a good week.
Wait, hold up. It was a GREAT week.

We got our background check back -
homestudy: done!


  1. LOVE this. I'm linking up next week. What a great idea.

  2. haha!! what a great week!
    elijah walks around with the keys, too. so funny.
    hooray for girls night, what a treat!
    and the last photo cracked. me. up.
    lord, help us!

    xoxo happy weekend, cutie carina!

  3. Great pics!! I love the sprinkler pic! Your kiddos are just too cute! Have a great weekend!