13 August 2011

i love it, even though i shouldn't

The truth is, I don't need another time sucker in my life. I am trying to be a little better about where social media, Project Runway and The Real Housewives fall on my priority list. They should definitely fall somewhere below that towering pile of laundry, right?

So when people started buzzing about Pinterest, I ignored it. I definitely, definitely did not need to happen upon another website that could potentially (surely) monopolize more of my time. 

Dang it.

But there is a plus side to me giving in. I am always finding ideas in magazines that make me think, Oh I am going to do this. For sure. Let me just earmark this page and I'll come back to it later. And now I have a pile of about 396 magazines at my bedside that I have never opened a second time. Well really, it's more like 12, but still.

That is my justification. I can stop keeping these things lying around that drive my husband crazy and keep it all neat and organized and just a click away. I mean, thanks to Pinterest, I think my sister is going to have a pretty sweet baby shower, thank you very much. 

And project ideas? Holy moly. Look at all these lovelies:

On second thought, my husband might not be too excited about this.


  1. Oh, I SO agree with you. I am obsessed. My poor husband has to suffer with me showing him pictures on pinterest every second of the day.

    At least I know I'm not the only pinterest junkie!

  2. I just found out about it, too and joined...Still giving myself the "excuse" that this one is actually a good thing because it's helping me keep my "to do's" in orderly and organized fashion (finally). Boy, I'm in trouble!

  3. So far I've been able to ignore it too. But I'm the same way with magazines...except I rip out the things I want to try, make or do. Good Luck with the time suckage issue.

  4. I completely agree with you. I am crazy obsessed with Pinterest. I cant go a day without pinning at least one or two items. I just need to kick my butt into gear into ACTUALLY getting some stuff accomplished that Ive pinned. Although, my oldest just had a kickass birthday party thanks to Pinterest.

  5. pinterest. amen.

    visiting from take heart,
    hello and i love your blog! xo

  6. i'm with ya on that one, pinterest has sucked me in completely, but I have actually been doing the things I marked to try and I'm getting such satisfaction out it - so I think it's been a plus for me...happy pinning! p.s. stopping by via SITS

  7. Oh dear Pinterest what have you done to us?! I love pinterest, going to look for your boards now!

  8. I am visiting from SITS! I have heard of pinterest but haven't gotten into it yet. I am afraid I will spend hours of time pinning instead of working. Ahhhhhhhhh! The Neuff