04 August 2011

backyard bliss

When we moved into our house after having George,
one of the many draws was the yard. It is a third of an acre and that means plenty of room to run and play and be wild.
The problem was no fence, which meant running and playing and being wild in the street. Which meant I almost had a panic attack every time we stepped out the door. Until three weeks ago when my awesome contractor brother-in-law put up a fence for us.
And now my boys can be boys and I can take a deep breath, sit back, and watch them explore.
I love it.

hill races

 oh hey, handsome

so maybe george is eating lunch on a princess plate that I bought in
 Paris two years ago for my niece and never gave to her. 
yes, I am an awesome aunt and mama.

Oh, hello friend. Let's hang out while the boys play, shall we?
(yeah, that's a triple.)


  1. I'm so happy the boys have a safe place to play, that makes me so happy! Even if things like falling off the fire pit, falling off bikes, and bee stings are all going to happen. You are smart to outfit them in helmets. I'll look for body armour.
    Seriously, they look so happy, even George with the Princess plate. Can't wait for that girl!
    And, I bet they all sleep better, which makes mama happy!

  2. Oh how adorable and all boy they are! Love love your blog! I need to post it on my blog roll very soon.
    Gayle from Behind the Gate (and your mom's friend:) )

  3. Your boys are so darn cute! My daughter is expecting a son in October and we can hardly wait! Glad to hear the fence is up. Found you on SITS!

  4. LOVE the new layout! Pretty!!! You'll have to give me a lesson or two!