06 July 2011

the winner

My favorite little assistant helped determine the winner of the giveaway.

(we're not very high tech)

And the winner is:

Congratulations, Rachel! 
Let me know which flower you'd like from the shop, along with your address, and I will send it off to you!

And thanks to everyone who played along. If you entered your name and didn't win, but you are thinking about buying something (clutches, anyone?), send me an email for your coupon code for free shipping.


  1. Congratulations Rachel. Gosh. Need to give that grandson more donuts or something. I thought he loved me!

  2. my heart stopped when i saw 'rachel'! and then, dangit, wrong rachel. oh well, congrats other rachel!

  3. Mom, Lute was sincerely disappointed that he didn't pick you and even want to rig the drawing. So, I told him we'd make you something to make up for it :)

    Rach, I know! There were three Rachels in the drawing - what are the chances?

  4. Yay! Thanks Carina and Lute! I cant wait to wear my special flower pin! ;)

  5. Thanks Carina and Lute! I am so excited to wear my special flower pin! ;)

    PS - Sorry for the anonymous response above - oops!!!

  6. saw you on circle of moms. Thought I would say hi and THAT is the cutest way to pick a winner!!!I am so sad I missed the giveaway :(

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Texas! I will do another giveaway - so stick around :)