16 July 2011

how things change and a playlist

Back in the day I was kind proud of my music collection and kept it pretty well updated. I bought a new cd every couple of weeks, and tried to get to as many concerts of my favorites as I could. Kids came into the picture, my music library became stagnant and do people still buy cds? My iTunes library could use some help.

Anyway, I was recently doing some hair for a wedding and one of the bridesmaids turned on Pandora. I kept noticing that I knew the songs but for some reason all of the words were wrong. I would be singing along in my head and thinking, "That's not right. Are there two versions to this?" 

And then it hit me: Sesame Street. 

We watch a lot of "Elmo" at our house. The same YouTube videos play again and again upon request. We watch Adam Sandler  sing The Elmo Song, Feist helps us count to 4, we sing our ABCs with India Arie  and Jason Mraz reminds us to go play outside. But our newest favorite comes from Will.i.am and is worth watching, even if you don't have a toddler by your side:

So while I definitely need some new music in my personal library, I am thankful for the geniuses at Sesame Street who keep me current, at least enough to keep up with my kids. For now.


  1. LOVE this. I totally went through that with Norah Jones and the letter "E" a few years ago...