07 July 2011

embrace the camera: pro version

It's been awhile since I participated in "embrace the camera" over at The Anderson Crew 
(one of my new favorites, if you're looking for some good reading).

We recently had our first ever professional photo session.
It was an adventure.
Three boys in the great wide open can be hard to wrangle. 

But Janell proved she was a pro. 
I was hoping for one or two keepers, since the boys were at the top of their game, 
energy wise.

She managed to get a ton of amazing shots.
Ones I will cherish forever.

Watch out, Janell. We're definitely calling you again!
Next time there will be another one, though, so gear up :)



  1. Oh...I'm ready :)

  2. You are GORGEOUS and so is your family. We are due for some family pictures bad :)

  3. oh, those are some cute photos! i want to see more!

  4. Those are definitely keepers!! You have an adorable family :)

  5. those are super cute pictures! your family is adorable!!

  6. Those are great pictures. Found you on SITS.