23 June 2011

tell me what you think

Today has been awesome and hectic and maddening all rolled into one. It started at 3:30am with George demanding milk, which was way earlier than normal. It continued with more crying at 4:45. I threw off the covers in huff, sure that his early morning snack should have held him way into the morning. That's when I realized my poor little punk was sick and covered in vomit. He looked at me pathetically and said, "Ucky, ucky, ucky." Poor kid.

The morning rolled along, George improved, even took an extra nap. Eddie decided to hop in the shower and drench himself approximately 37 seconds after I got him dressed and turned my back to help Lute get a snack. I asked the boys to play in the living room 486 times so I could sweep the kitchen before they actually listened. I didn't get dressed until noon.

I didn't even have time to drink a cup of coffee.
Now you know it's serious.

Normally, I could roll with this with a little more grace. Kind of. But today was the first part of our home study and I wanted the house to appear at least semi-together. Thankfully, right before panic mode set in, Nick walked through the door and the kids went to bed, I wiped the last grubby fingerprints off the windows, and I put on stain-free clothing. Success!

The two hour interview went well. I kind of fell in love with our new social worker. I was sad that Claire, who did our last home study, moved cross country, but this woman is a keeper. She has an incredible background in social work, has also adopted and she has worked with our agency! God is good - definitely felt like it was a divine appointment.

It did not slip my mind that yesterday was the 22nd, which means it was time for Bakin' it to the Streets. We didn't make it out because of the pre-home study prep, but I have half of a vanilla chocolate chip cake that we are going to take out to the peeps tomorrow.

So here is my question for you: Should I keep going with the link up and stories of our trips to share our treats on the streets? I got such a good response in the beginning, but I am not sure people are as into it these days. What could we do differently? Have you been inspired to share with the world? I'd love to hear from folks who have been following along!


  1. I think you should definitely keep doing it and writing about it. i don't know enough about blogging to give my two cents about the link-up. And though I haven't baked anything to bring to the streets i did finally get my act together to start volunteering at the neighborhood nursing home with my kids. so, maybe there are other people like me who were inspired in their own way? someday i'd love to try the actual bakin' it to the streets, and when i do, i'll let you know...maybe even link up, if i figure out how to do it!

  2. Thanks, Rach. I will pick it back up on 7/10. Sadly, we never made it out since we all got George's bug. Bleh. I am so excited to hear stories of you and the kiddos at the nursing home. I think it's amazing that you've found something to do with all of your kids that actually requires getting out of the car. You are braver than I!

  3. I love the stories of ya'lls baking and sharing adventures!

  4. I love them as well. I need to do it, but just plain ol' haven't yet. If you keep it up, I'll jump on board!