11 June 2011

bakin' it to the streets without the baking

A few months ago I started thinking about ways I could serve the community with my kids. Thus, the idea of Bakin' it to the Streets was born. About every two weeks I host a link up here for anyone the wants to participate - you can bake something, pick something up at the store, make an extra lunch - and take it to someone (or a lot of someones) in need. Maybe a neighbor, coworker, nursing home, food bank, or stranger you pass on your way to work or school. Post a story, recipe, photos, or leave a comment about your experience and link up below!

This go 'round was totally different than the others. Mostly due to a total lack of time management skills and my forgetful nature.  In fact, this was completely spur of the moment, and not intended for the blog, but then I remembered today was the day, so it has become this week's act and involves absolutely no baking. C'est la vie.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I have a need/obsession with/love for coffee. I used to make it everyday and now, ashamedly, I find some excuse to leave the house on a daily basis for my americano fix. Yesterday I was running errands with the littles and pulled into the ill-designed local Starbucks drive thru. It really is strange, because when you're in line, you completely block anyone from entering or exiting the parking lot. I figured the woman in the car in front of me had never been to this location, because upon seeing someone leaving a parking spot, she drove out of line to let them out and thus let two cars in front of her. Maybe she wasn't in a hurry, maybe she really didn't care, but it struck me. As I ordered my drink and a little treat for the boys, I looked in my rearview mirror as the woman got back in line. Maybe she was just really nice. I pulled up to the window and and paid for my goods, and then I thought I'd pay it forward in gratitude for getting my caffeine hook up just a little quicker than I thought I would. So I bought her drink. It wasn't much, but sometimes it just feels good to share a little love for no real reason at all.

Now it's your turn! 


And a special shout out to our cousin Jack, who spun it into "Bacon it to the Streets" a couple weeks ago with breakfast sandwiches for the homeless. You are awesome, Jack!


  1. oh my gosh, "bacon it to the streets," hilarious! nice work on the payin' it forward! :)

  2. This is such a brilliant idea! It's giving me all kinds of inspiration.

  3. this is a great idea! What an awesome way to teach your boys to serve!

  4. That is so awesome!! I had someone do that to me once in a drive-thru. I've never forgotten it.
    P.S. I LOVE coffee...love :)