16 May 2011

how we went from one to three

(If you've missed any of our adoption story, you can click on the tab above.) 

You know that saying "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans"? 
So two days after having everything officially into our agency and eager to really begin the journey of adoption, I find out I'm pregnant. God is so funny and hilarious and surprising, isn't He? 

I was nervous to tell the agency for fear of being taken off the list. We weren't really sure how to proceed, so the best bet was at least knowing our options. I emailed the woman in charge of minority adoptions and told her the situation, asking what their policy was, letting her know we were unsure of whether or not we should still actively pursue adoption or wait, and basically conveying our total confusion. She was very sweet and understanding and told me that when this happens (which it does. refer back to: God is funny.), they will keep the waiting family on the list until the adoptive mother's second trimester and if you haven't been matched, you can get back on the list at some point after giving birth and updating your home study.

So now it was up to us. Knowing the the first trimester is a fragile time in pregnancy, we knew we'd stay on the list at least that long. After praying about it, weighing the possibilities, and much discussion, we decided we would stay on until June 1. At that point, I would be about five months pregnant, and that's about all I was comfortable with as far as spacing. I believe my journal entry during the thought process was: "After all, I don't want two babies too close together."

Remember how I mentioned God's hilarity? 
Ten weeks went by - a healthy pregnancy, a low key spring, and nearing my self-appointed adoption deadline, I started to believe that we were going to move our adoption plans into the next year. Then on May 29, a Friday afternoon - literally about an hour before the offices would have closed right along with our little window of possibility - my cell phone rang and I recognized the area code immediately. 
"It's the agency." I looked at Nick.
"Do you think...?" He trailed off as I answered. My palms were sweaty, nervous excitement rising up in my chest.
"Hi Carina! I just wanted to call you and let you know we have a match for you!" Our caseworker said excitedly from the other end.
She told us about the birthmother, about our boy that was due in four short weeks, and all of the other details that quickly left my brain as I sat in stunned silence.
"So, I'll give you guys the weekend to think it over and let me know if you agree to the match," she said over the speakerphone. 
Nick and I looked at each other in excited disbelief. 
"We don't need the weekend, Debbie. We know we want him!" I am pretty sure we were both gushing about how excited we were but the details are pretty fuzzy in the haze of joy we were in the midst of.

All of our questions, indecision and doubt melted away the instant that phone rang. We may have been getting in over our heads, but we didn't know the difference and we didn't care.
I had never been so excited about God's plans thwarting my own. It's really better that way, isn't it?

Life was about to change in a crazy and beautiful way.


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  2. Here from SITS. I have to agree, God has a funny sense of humor ... BOY HOWDY!
    Glad it all worked out. :) And good on you for being open to the idea. I hear so many women complain about not being able to have a baby, and I'm sitting there thinking .. Duh. Adoption! I was adopted by my dad, so I can appreciate it.

  3. And I, especially, am so glad you said 'yes!'

  4. I LOVE that you guys were "gushing" and didn't have to wait to talk. I love your family! We are inspired. :-)

  5. What an incredible, miraculous story!

  6. @leChef - thank you! I always appreciate hearing the "other" side :)

    @Patty do it, do it, do it!

  7. Uhm, so I met you at Haley's house last week and thought you were awesome-- not just cuz, like, I like your name, and junk. Then, I saw your comment on her post, so I followed it here, to your blog. And then I thought, "Wow, her kiddos are super adorable." So I kept reading and then I saw your "Bakin it to the streets" and I decided you may be the coolest person I don't really know.

    So now I am following your blog.


  8. Thanks, Meliski! I am excited you commented because now I can find your blog, which I secretly wanted to do after meeting you at the party :) Can't wait to catch up on your story and hear when things finally come together with your little lady!

  9. This is beautiful and literally brought a tear to my eye. I was adopted and it was the greatest blessing in the world. :) It warms my heart knowing there are people in the world like you! That little boy sure is one lucky fellow.

  10. Yay for getting to know each other through our blogging! :)

    Just an FYI: I have been blogging @ The Lemanski Diaries for the longest, so most of our story is there. I just recently began converting my (still pretty new) personal blog- My Outside Voice- to be geared more toward Adoption/Transition/Bonding cuz I felt that stuff was taking over the family blog!

    So, most of the background adoption info/cute pix are at the family blog and all new adoption-related posts will be found on my personal blog.

    Forever and ever, amen.
    Too much info?