12 April 2011

somebody thinks i'm cool?

We may have gone to the NKOTB reunion concert
I have an awesome friend, Patty, who has a funny blog. Really, really funny. And clever. And she's cute. We've been friends for about 15 years (holy smokes, does that make us old?) and we have had some great adventures together, along with some of our other amazing college friends (who should really get going on some blogs, by the way). Anyway, today Patty asked me to do a guest post over at Brem Bloggy Blog, and I said yes, because a. I love Patty and b. it made me feel pretty cool. Click on over if you want to read my ramblings and meet a new bloggy friend!


  1. hey...today i'm allowed to comment! (i must have done something pretty smart to figure it all out.) miss you two lovely ladies a ton.

  2. well, i think you're pretty cool too so i'm passing along some love & sparkles and giving you the versatile blogger award. check here http://www.insanityisnotanoption.com on friday to view the post and to pass on the love. you do a lot of good things, i admire you! you truly rock! sparkle on!