11 April 2011

the one and only chocolate cake worth eating.

About a year ago, Nick excitedly told me about the fundraiser that his work has every year - it's a formal event and one of the most anticipated elements is the dessert auction. People volunteer to make a dessert and each table bids on the one they want.

"So would you want to do it next year?" he asked.
"Yeah, sure that sounds fun," I answered.

Fast forward 11 months.

"Hey hon," he said over the phone from work, "Remember how you said you'd make a dessert for the auction?"
"I did?" I replied.
"Yeah, you did. Can you still do it?"
"Sure, I don't see why not."
"Thanks. Oh, and it should be pretty nice, since this is a big fundraiser and it's formal and everything - are you sure you can make something like that?" he asked.
"What? You don't think I can make a nice dessert? I am a good cook - don't you think I am a good cook? Of course I can make something like that!" I huffed. 
"Yeah, I didn't mean..." Pause. "I'll tell them you'll do it."

Fast forward 3 weeks.

Why in the WORLD did I say I could make a big fancy dessert for a black tie event that is supposed to rake in some serious dough? I have THREE children who need me on a CONSTANT basis and I am supposed to make a bakery worthy dessert? Who do I think I am?

So I pulled out that chocolate cake recipe I mentioned awhile back. I decided to cut it into four layers and fill it with chocolate mousse (which I didn't really know how to make), pour some chocolate ganache over it and cover it with chopped up belgian chocolate. It took three days. Not that it would take normal people three days, but I have to be strategic with my time between babies and Hulu Plus. And guess what?

It went for ELEVEN HUNDRED dollars. It was the top bid! Well, if I don't feel just slightly proud, and utterly shocked, then I don't know what. But I figured it's high time to pass the cake recipe along. It's embarrassingly easy and absolutely delicious, and you may thank me or you may curse me because you'll probably want to make it kind of a lot. Enjoy!

(Keep in mind, this is just the cake part, not the filling or ganache - you can google those recipes.)

Super Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake
(adapted from a cake on allrecipes.com)
2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups flour
1 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup boiling water

Whisk together the sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla and mix on medium speed for a couple of minutes. Carefully add in boiling water and mix thoroughly. Pour into two prepared 9 inch cake pans (or a 9x13) and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until a toothpick tests clean. 

We usually eat it with chocolate frosting, but I made it into cupcakes for Lute's 4th birthday and topped it with whipped cream frosting and cherries - it's versatile and kinda dangerous. Hope you love it!


  1. LOVE this. I'm totally going to try it. I want to know what you wore to this formal event?

  2. I'm a little hormonal today...I almost just started crying because this makes me so happy!! I NEED a choco fix!

  3. Stopping by from SITS. This cake looks amazing. Great job on getting people to cough up a lot of money for it :)

  4. WOW! Congratulations. I'm saving the recipe!

  5. Yumo - and way to go, girlfriend! That's awesome!!!

  6. so aside from the fact that you are a rock star and probably deserve either part of that eleven hundred dollars or something really nice from your hubster, my favorite part of this post was that you have to be "strategic with your time between babies and hulu plus." that made me really, really happy.
    and seriously? that cake looks divine!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. love hearing from you.

  7. Wow! I have drool on my keyboard. And congrats on the top bid...you should be proud! It looks delicious!

    Stopping in from SITS!

  8. Oh my gosh! I can not believe how much it brought in! That is all sorts of awesome. It looks incredible! Beyond incredible! Way to go!

  9. you.are.killing.me. I want that so bad! I might crawl out of my bedrest to make that. Oh man that looks divine!

  10. oh that's the prettiest (yes cakes can be pretty!) and YUMMIEST looking cake....time to get domestic and try baking it! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!