28 April 2011

embrace the camera: reality

Getting a semi-normal looking family photo with the rascals is nothing short of miraculous. That is why we don't even attempt it apart from major holidays, and even then it's dicey. The little men looked pretty handsome Easter morning, and were even freshly bathed, another miraculous occurrence. Nick must have reminded me 47 times that we needed to get a picture taken before it all went crazy. And crazy it did go, as George decided to SCREAM through the last 25 minutes of mass. Happy Resurrection, Jesus!

But we did manage to get a decent photo, thanks to my dad. He took no less than 18 shots and one of them looks pretty darn good. I am going to share a few others just so you can get a glimpse into our reality.

Theeeere we go.


  1. Ahh... the joys of church and group photos with little ones :) At least they keep life exciting! HA! Great pics.

  2. VERY cute. Even the ones you deemed not-so-good. ;) I could do some photoshopping for you... try to get the best of everyone. LOL.

  3. Sweet photos...I think the ones with everyone gone awry are the most charming! Visiting from SITs

  4. i think ALL of the above photos are darling! you're one step ahead of us by merely being in the same vicinity long enough to snap a photo (on the same sofa, even)! that thumbnail picture of mine is as good as it gets over here.... :)

  5. (oh, i thought i had a thumbnail photo. guess not.)

  6. Such a cute family!

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