22 April 2011

bakin' it to the streets

Last week I told you about my big idea: to bake or buy something and share it with someone in need. For us, this week, it was a few of the 7,000 homeless people that live in our city. So many of you responded with enthusiasm and that excites me! And it totally motivates me to make it a reality for me and my boys. So this week I baked up a batch of hot cross buns (seemed appropriate for the weekend), packed 'em up and set out with three little men strapped in their car seats. Before we set off, Lute said a prayer that whoever we met would "just really love the raisin bread and the frosting and especially the raisins." We drove around for about 45 minutes and encountered four people holding up signs for food on street corners. We handed over the rolls with smiles (well, except Eddie and George who were ready to head home after approximately 13 minutes) and wished the recipients well. It was the highlight of our Good Friday (apart from the amazing grace that is this day) and made for a good conversation between Lute and me about why we give to others in need. While we didn't see as many to share with as we'd expected, it was a good first week and we are already talking about our plan for next time. 
setting off with my dudes
Now it's your turn! Link up with your story or leave a comment below. And remember - let others know, spread the word, and share your ideas. We'll post our next adventure in two weeks!


  1. I love this idea, I just went to the store and bought some goodies to keep in my car, thank you Lord for Carina and her heart. BLESS her. The little stuff matters.:)

  2. What a joyous idea...love it. And it's so important to get those little ones started early. I've had a little sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and several foster kids (none of my own) but each of them are good at giving back now, too. I made sure when I had them that we always gave back in some way. We helped many times cleaning up after tornadoes or ice storms in our area. We gave to those we saw on the side of the street (not money but food gift cards) and other things. It's so important even for those kids who are on the receiving end to be able to give.
    Visiting from SITSgirls for the weekend "thing"...love your site.

  3. I absolutely ADORE this idea! I'm definitely giving it a go with my little guy :0) I shall return with our story!

    ~stopping by from SITS!

  4. What a wonderful idea, and such a good role model for your boys!

  5. LOVE this idea!!!
    I heard of a diff blogger who would keep hygiene kits in their car and when they spotted a street person, they would offer them a large ziploc baggie with small travel size bottles of shampoo, soap and ..something else. Maybe even a washcloth. She always had a handful of them in the car and was able to give them out whenever they saw a need! Such a GREAT lesson for the kids!

  6. Julie, so excited you did that! Hope you and the girls get some good opportunities.

    Would love the rest of you to join in and link up - the more the merrier!

    Kaylen - that is an awesome idea. Love it.