26 March 2011

mama's time out

It's 4 o'clock. My husband calls to tell me he is working late and won't be home for dinner or putting the kids to bed. Sigh.

I look in the fridge and we're out of milk. Being that my littlest two use milk to settle in before bed, I know this means a trip to the store with all three rascals. Catching a glimpse of myself I grab a hat to hide the hair that hasn't seen a brush since the 6am wake up call. At least it's a cute hat, and I am not wearing sweats, but actual jeans, so maybe nobody will notice the lack of attention to self today.

I wrangle the kids, drive to the store, whip out the double stroller and head in. Milk and bread, check. I decide to swing through the wine section - this mama deserves a glass tonight. It's been a day. It's been a time out-brother brawling-sweep 14 times-3 cups of coffee-I don't wanna eat that-he hit me-I'm not gonna take a nap-every toy on the floor-mama's gonna lose it kind of day. And now I need a time out.

I grab a bottle of Mad Housewife Cabernet. That seems appropriate for this ridiculous day, I think to myself. Just so the checker won't judge me on my purchases, I also swing through the produce aisle for some apples. It's all about balance.

Back home it's peanut butter and jelly, apple slices and a cucumber for dinner. I don't have it in me to cook and even if I did, I would have three munchkins clinging to my legs in desperate need of anything they could think of before pushing one or both of their brothers to the floor.

I make it through. Tonight I am thankful my children can't tell time - the babies are in bed earlier than normal, but sound asleep. The oldest, my 4 year old, is brushing his teeth and not even fighting crawling under the covers for story time. Kisses, prayers, goodnight. 

Deep breath, quiet, relief. It's been a long day.
I wade through matchbox cars and bouncy balls, I ignore the dishes piled in the sink, and the unwanted dinner that's been thrown on the floor. I walk toward that lovely bottle waiting for me in the midst of crayons and trucks and books scattered all about.

Yeah, tonight is a Mad Housewife kind of night. I pour a glass, close my eyes and breathe. The dishes can wait.

(This was written for the Mad Housewife contest over at GirliChef.)


  1. I really enjoyed this post and You definitely deserved a time out.

    Mom's are heroes.

  2. this was super good carina. you always impress me with ur writing :)

  3. You earned the break -- enjoy it!

    Stopping by for Sharefest Saturday from SITS.

  4. Um...I understand 100%! Great post, thanks so much for bringing it to the Mad Housewife Contest :D (I added it into the linky).

  5. I've just started the other end, the teenage angst. Boy do I feel like I could use an entire bottle at the end of every day. Funny thing is, my house looks exactly as you described, but my kiddos are 12 and 13, still pushing eachother to the ground, often with their words these days.... Cute story!!

  6. Great post! Congrats on surviving the night :)
    I CAN'T WAIT for a time when I'm not nursing or pregnant (not since Oct. of 2008!) so that I can indulge in more than one glass!

  7. Wow, you definitely deserve some YOU time!

  8. You are such a sweetie!
    Let it all wait till tomorrow...if you made it through the store with 3 munchkins you deserve it!

  9. i just found your blog through SITS today- its amazing that you were featured! i love it and im telling you that you should DEFINITELY look at my post tomorrow. i promise you will be happy. :)

    come and visit me at

  10. I hope the babes slept through the whole night.


  11. i love this! so well written. you really painted a picture.
    and i totally know those days!

  12. Oh I miss the days when my children couldn't tell time. When the only thing I had to do was bath them to signal bed time. *sigh*
    Okay now back to you.
    I loved how you bought apples so that the cashier wouldn't judge you. It is nice to know that someone else overanalyzes the contents of their shopping cart when they push it up to the cashier!

  13. Ohhhhh the little things in life like a good bottle of wine :) Love it! Hope you enjoyed your evening!


  14. Thanks, ladies. Glad I am not alone in my plight :) Who doesn't love a good glass of wine?

  15. Great post! I often have to wade through piles of toys at night - it was refreshing to see someone else in similar shoes! Happy Belated SITS Day.

  16. I would really love to get my hands on some of that wine.

  17. I would really love to get my hands on some of that wine.

  18. Hey Carina...I don't think you stopped by to see the roundup of "MAD"ness...come on over when you get a moment =) http://www.girlichef.com/2011/03/were-all-little-mad-around-here-roundup.html