02 January 2011


The past two weeks have buzzed by so quickly, and yet I feel like God gave me the gift of time to really enjoy Christmas and all the beauty it brings. My gifts were purchased and wrapped days before the 25th, which may be the greatest step toward overcoming my procrastinating ways in personal history. We were able to celebrate with both of our families, as well as have our own quiet (as quiet as it gets with the rascals) morning together opening gifts before Mass. We even got ready and out the door to church after presents and breakfast and in some sort of Christmas miracle, the boys were tranquil and we were able to really focus on the celebration in the service. While singing O Come All Ye Faithful, I felt the swell in my heart and the tears in my eyes, imagining our little family before the Holy Family on that miraculous day. It was a gift, and it drew us into the real meaning of it all. 

This last week has brought sweet relief as our babies are finally getting over their bout of ear infections and the crankiness that comes with it. Eddie has regained his energy (which I didn't know he actually lost, but my oh my, that kid has cranked it up a notch). George is trying to talk and - dare I say it - stand. Heaven help me. And Lute is Lute and keeps me laughing all day long.

As we usher in  2011, I can't help but wonder what it will bring. There is so much possibility for new adventures, and I am thankful that I have a man in my life that likes to dream big dreams with me and work toward reaching them. But even as we sit and think about what we want to do more of, less of, and work toward in the tangible, what I am most grateful for is the intangible - to be partnered with someone who wants, more than anything, to grow in love and faith. So, while I'm not much for "resolutions", I am for working toward a better self and a better family, and I know for sure that God has given me just the right one to do it with. 

2010, you were great. Here is to an even better 2011... Blessings to all!

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