10 January 2011

just for kicks

The other night I decided to time how long Lute took to eat his dinner. I mentioned meal time can be painfully slow. To preface, I made things he actually liked: cheese, avocado, toast, chicken. Finger foods, easy to eat, no excuses.

54 minutes.


But he ate it all, and without complaint. So, he got dessert. Guess how long that took to eat?

90 seconds. 


  1. That must have been one heck of a dessert! Funny post!

  2. three boys!! You're a super mom! Great blog, I found you on SITS!

  3. Saying hi from SITS! That is hilarious. That's my kind of guy. Good for him. He'll grow up to be a foodie - savoring every bite and never passing on a good dessert :-)

  4. Well dessert is the best!!! Stopping by from sits! Have a GREAT day!

  5. Do we have the same kid??? Dinners are such a struggle and will take my 4 yr old almost a hour or more to eat. But he is all about anything chocolate or what he likes to call it "junky food". ugh!