29 September 2010


Today I...

went grocery shopping before 9 o'clock (by myself).

cleaned the kitchen (three times).

scolded and soothed a little boy who broke the baby gate that took us two hours to install just three days ago. (yes, we both have college degrees, why do you ask?)

gave three time outs.

played hide and go seek.

looked for fall leaves with my boy.

got whacked in the head with a wooden toy so hard I saw stars, needed ice, and imagined that I was a cartoon character with birds flying around my head.

harvested my garden, which included one zucchini, one final carrot, some herbs, and a dozen grape tomatoes.

attempted making leaf-shaped sugar cookies for the kid's class, then dropped most of them on the floor.

ate seven cookies.

was reminded of my need to ask for God to be a part of my everyday. 

feel grateful for the four men in this house. Couldn't live without 'em.


  1. That was all today? Good grief. Who hit you in the head and why did George get 3 time outs? I'm sure sorry. I think you need your mom, huh?

  2. Whew! Being a Good Mom is exhausting, ain't it? But oh, so worthwhile...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    <a href="http://scholastic-scribe.blogspot.com/2010/09/accident-waiting-to-happen.html>An Accident Waiting to Happen</a>

  3. Sounds like a very successful day! The life of a mom is a holistic kind of experience - you got the love, the pain, the challenges and the sweetness. Basically, you got it all! Hope today is minus the wack in the head, though. Ouch!

  4. I love that you got so much done. It must have felt great! Stopping from SITS!

  5. That was great. It sounds like most of my days :)