27 September 2010

little blessings

Last night when I went in to check on Eddie before I went to bed, I laid my hand on his forehead. Eddie is the lightest sleeper of all the boys, so maybe this wasn't the smartest move, but I just couldn't resist. He giggled. His eyes fluttered open and met mine, he showed off his toothy grin, and just as quickly as he woke, he was back asleep. I laughed out loud, thanked God for the absolute gift that kid is, and went to bed.

George started pulling himself up this week and feels pretty cool about it. He is going to be the scrappy one, I can tell. He doesn't care if Eddie crawls over him, if tunnels topple onto him, or big brothers smash his cheeks together. He'll take it, but I don't think it'll be long before he does some smashing of his own. He is quite the character and at only ten months, bursting with personality. If you look at him a certain way, he laughs as if the two of you have an inside joke. I hope he lets me in on what it is someday. 

And then, of course, there's Lute. After I put the babies down for their morning naps, he asked me to turn on his new favorite show, which was welcome, as I was hoping to catch a shower. 

"Sure, bud. Do you want me to watch it with you or can I take a shower?" I asked.
"You should take a shower, Mama. You're looking pretty stinky."

Gee, thanks. At least I can count on him for a little honesty.