01 July 2010

redemption... at trader joe's?

Either there is a large secret local following of my blog or someone started praying for me after this entry. The latter is more likely, so thank you, whoever you are. A million times over, thank you. I can honestly say that since then, I have encountered almost nothing but encouragement when leaving my house. 

It all started with a trip to Trader Joe's. I started with George in the carrier, Eddie in the cart, and Lute by my side. That lasted for about four minutes, as Eddie's newest pursuit is developing his skills as an escape artist. I had turned him around and rebuckled him three times when I gave up and did a swift switch-a-roo. Eddie has now found his sweet spot in the carrier during our outings. All 29 pounds of him. And yes, he weighs as much as his three year old brother.

The first comment I hear as we meander past the array of cheeses:
"What, no girls?" I love you already, lady.
"Not yet," I smiled.
"Well, keep trying!" 

Next, near the tortilla chips, a woman abandons her cart to approach me and admire the boys. "Oh my! What beautiful babies!" Just then, Lute, my dutiful shopping assistant, pokes his head around the side of the cart with a grin.
"And an older brother? How handsome! You are so lucky, dear," she says, patting my arm.

After a few more grins from my fellow shoppers, a lollipop and stickers for Lute, and a cart full of groceries, we made our way out of the store. On the sidewalk another woman absorbed the sight of us and said, 
"I bet you eat bon bons and watch movies all day, don't you?"
Ten points for wit and originality. How can you not laugh at that?

I love you Trader Joe's patrons.

Then this week I took all the boys for a walk. Lute and Eddie in the stroller, George on my chest. (Eddie can't escape the stroller. At least not yet.)  
A man was in his truck, backing out of his driveway, rolled down the window and said, 
"Are those all yours?"
"Yes," I replied, steeling myself.
"Well, congratulations - that's great!"
No sir, you're great.

And finally, today I took the boys to the nursery to buy some flowers to add a little color to our sorry yard. There were three woman working in various locations throughout the store. Each one made a bee line for us the moment we made eye contact. Each asked the boys' names and ages, each patted Eddie's head, tried to make George laugh, and complimented Lute on his good behavior. I am now their customer for life.

So thanks for the prayers, thanks for the encouragement, and remember: it never hurts to spread the love.


  1. Kids are great. They make your life complete!

    Dropping by from SITS. xxx

  2. The kids look so nice in the image! This blog is awesome! xxx

  3. I love it! Nothing like a successful shopping trip with the kiddos where people are the kind to you and adore and admire your children.

  4. I hear you! What I hate is when the random store patrons want to touch the baby! Hello? I don't know you! I don't want your cooties all over my kid!

  5. LOVE this post! I have 4 boys, and it seems as if everyone in the store feels compelled to say something about it. I really enjoy the outings in which all of the comments are positive--it's very affirming.


  6. I LOVE when I get the "are all those yours" in line at the grocery store...NO lady, my shopping experience wasn't hard enough with just my own kids so I borrowed some from a friend...I mean what are they thinking? =)

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