18 July 2010

patience is a virtue (and i don't have it)

I love my boy. I do, I do, I do. But man, that kid can talk. And ask a lot of questions. And then start talking again.

I am reading a great book right now: Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime. It has been balm for my soul. But that is not really my point. He has a little anecdote about his four year old son and a one hour trip they spent in the car together. Just out of curiosity, he tallied how many questions were asked in that car ride. One hundred and thirty seven. I'd bet that Lute could beat that without effort.

I don't want to curb his inquisitive nature by any means, but I'd love to direct it to someone else. Is there a hotline he could call?

Today we went to "A Day out with Thomas". It was the best hour of his life, I think. He was amped before, during and after. Riding the train, giving his ticket to a real train conductor, seeing Sir Topham Hatt, buying a brand new train in the gift shop. Well, actually it was a steamroller, who happens to be named George, and who we now have to refer to as "George the Steamroller" anytime we reference him, as to not cause any confusion on who Lute can bring to the dinner table, who he will play with, and who can't go to the toilet with him.

Because of our adventure today, naps were delayed, which meant wake up time was also delayed, which meant lots of evening energy. I have learned my lesson. Here was our bed time saga:

7:30 Teeth brushed, pajamas on, in bed, prayers said.

7:35 "Mamaaaaa! I'm hungry." "Goodnight, Lute. Please go to sleep." "Can I have a book?"

7:48 "Mama, I can't sleep.
          Can you leave my light on?
          Can I have my door open?
          Can I have my clock in my bed?
          Can you fix my blanket?
          Can you turn the other light on in the hall?
          What are you doing downstairs?"
 "Here's another book, Lute. Please go to sleep."

8:02 "Mama?"... "Mama?"..."Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

8:05 "Mama, I'm really hungry."  "Here are some cheerios. This is a treat, this is not happening again. Now please go to sleep." In my head: did I just break some cardinal parenting rule?

8:33 Nick arrives home from work. "Dada?"... "Dada?"..."Dadaaaaaaaaa?" Me: "Daddy is on the phone, he will say good night in a minute." "Mama, can you tell me everything we did today?" Me, defeated, "Okay..." (this is a favorite ritual of his).

8:36 Nick arrives on the scene. "Dada, can you tell me everything we did today?" Nick, fresh and bright-eyed, "Sure, bud!"

8:45 silence. peace. good night. 

And now time for me to rest up and gear up for tomorrow's slew of thoughts, inquiries and announcements. At least I am well entertained and I am thankful for a boy who keeps me on my toes. Now if I could just teach him how to make my coffee...


  1. It doesn't stop! I've finally told my 12 year old that I only have so many answers in me daily - so he should use his questions wisely. It hasn't stopped him! LOL - however, sadly, one day it will stop. He said today when he was 13 he wouldn't give me kisses and hugs like he does today, and he won't snuggle buggle with me then! Sigh! So sad!

  2. Your son sounds adorable. My daughter's two and she the same. It's 24/7 chatter. Sigh

  3. Visiting from SITS.

    Your son sounds adorable.

    My daughter is 2 and she chatters away 24/7. Sigh

  4. You can give him my number...I'll be the 'hotline'.

    He does that when he's here too...'tell me everything we did today...'. Where in the world did he come up with that?????