27 July 2010

my yard runneth over

We moved back in December and this house just keeps on giving. I feel so blessed to be here, a place where we can raise our family and grow old and spend holidays and hopefully offer a place for others to feel welcome and cared for. There is so much potential around every corner: a future play room, a workshop, walls waiting to be painted, floors longing to be covered, wallpaper dying to be replaced (yes it is, Nick, yes it is)... 

But right now it is finally beautiful outside and that is where our hours have been spent. Truth be told, our yard is basically a weed factory. The entire front lawn, which is sizable, is Dandelion City. Our side and back is teeming with ivy. And it can get a little overwhelming. The house was empty for a few years before we bought it, and what we imagine was once an impeccable, well-loved yard, is now an overgrown mess.

There is beauty in it, though. For five months I existed in this place before realizing we have an enormous cherry tree. One that our resident raccoon has been feasting on without fear. Today I discovered a giant blueberry bush being overtaken by other surrounding plants. And tonight I finally pruned six rose bushes that have been around for decades, I'm sure.

Life. Lots of beautiful life.

There is also some freaky life around here. On my list of discoveries today was an enormous spider web. And really, it was more like a spider hammock. In a brave moment, I threw a pinecone at it, which revealed a huge, disgusting, get-me-out-of-here spider. I wasted no time in destroying that web (which I am afraid might have been teeming with life itself), which caused said spider to scurry into a hole in THE SIDE OF MY HOUSE. Now I am totally stressed that there is a giant infestation of disgustingness lurking in my walls. But please, come over for tea.

Spider aside, though, I am in love with every inch of our outdoors. We started a very modest garden this year and I have gotten so much enjoyment out of it, mostly because I get to tend it with my little assistant, who actually eats what the garden produces because of the excitement of it all. We carry buckets of water around and spill most of it, but it has given me a glimpse into the future of our family. The boys growing up here and making it a home together. For the first time in my adulthood, I feel settled. Ready to lay down some roots, settle in, and watch what God is gonna grow around here.

Today, I am very thankful.


  1. i can feel your gratitude and happiness from where i'm sitting at, halfway around the world.

    arent dandelions edible? or i maybe mistaken. i hope that spider gets out of the house soon. might hurt the boys.

  2. It's so nice to come across a blog where someone is actually thankful! I enjoyed reading about your house and am sure that it'll be even more wonderful as time goes by!

    We bought a 100+ year old house 4 years ago and have put our blood, sweat and tears (and money) in making it a home for us and our 5 boys. It's been an adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Awww, you are cute. Love your humor and sincere thankfulness. Enjoyed reading several of your posts. We must have the sister city to your Dandelion City... Weedville. Yep. New construction all the time. LOL! :D

    Visiting from SITS! New follower. =)