14 June 2010

for my mother

Dear Mom,

For all of the times I argued with you about every single thing,
for the countless times I asked, "Why?",
and for all of the other moments I generally drove you bonkers...


your (slightly) older and (much) wiser daughter who is now getting it all dealt right back at her,


  1. I KNEW this day would come, a day that will live in infamy. A day every mother lives for. This is my day.
    But, actually Carina, you were a perfect child. You never argued (much) and you never drove me bonkers (it was your sister who did that), you only made me happy and you continue to do just that!
    Love you!

  2. my parents have giving me knowing looks ever since i gave birth to my son. they're probably thinking, "ha! payback time..."

  3. speaking of payback, i left you 2 awards on my blog, just for being a great inspiration to me...

    go get them :)