23 May 2010

if you see my motivation anywhere...

We moved last fall. You remember last fall, right? When I had a baby? The second baby to be welcomed into our family in a 4 month period? Yeah, right after that. We thought, "Gee, life is getting boring... what should we do? I know! Let's try to sell our house in a bad economy! Let's pack up all of our belongings and our three small children and get the heck outta here!" We are an adventurous breed. Or just kind of crazy.

But this house was fate. It's old and charming and exactly what we had dreamed of. It's perfect for three little rascals (and even a few more) and I knew the second I walked in (kind of against my will, I might add) that we had to live here. So, we did it. We wheeled and dealed and God was good and opened the doors for us. We had an amazing group of friends and family who made moving a snap, and we were soon settled in to our new digs. (Still trying to sell our old digs, by the way. Feel free to say a prayer about that. Or just buy it. Your choice.)

Nick tells me we are living here for the next 30 years. Old Carina would have curled up in a ball of non-committal fear and trembling at the prospect, but I just happen to love this house that much. In the same breath he asked me not to change anything about it. Heh-heh. You'd think 7 years together would have taught him a thing or two. I love it, but I need (yes, need) to put a few personal touches to really make it ours. 

And I am completely overwhelmed. In a surge of inspiration and motivation I bought paint last weekend and ordered some wall paper. I have a really cool vision for some walls upstairs. We want to create kind of an outdoor living space in the back. The basement is a big blank canvas for romp room fun. The yard is big and crying out for some love...

But I just can't seem to get started.

Don't feel bad for me. I know what you're thinking: "You have three kids! Where would you find the time?" While that might make me feel better, I have somehow managed to catch up on an entire season of Lost in about a week. So that pretty much negates any sort of excuse about time. (But have you been watching it? Because geez.)

The problem is I am really, really bad at making decisions like this. Life changing decisions are kind of a breeze compared to paint choices. I make no sense, I know. But I am the same girl who wandered the streets of Stockholm for hours just trying to decide what the perfect dinner would be for my one and only night in Sweden. I didn't even make a good decision in the end. I mean really - pizza? 

But I am going to do it! Really! I have a huge pile of paint samples and a very nice mother who has offered her help. I have even convinced my husband that all of this is a really, really good idea. So, that's it. No more fear, no more procrastination, just mad decorating and homemaking ahead.

Well, right after the Lost finale.


  1. I am very excited for you. You will make this house a home and it will be filled with love and adventure! God bless!

  2. visiting from SITS.

    i am so completely with you on the whole making choices situation. paint samples scare me a little bit and that's not going to be a good thing since the hubs and i are planning on building a house within the month. i see alot of freakouts in my future!

    good luck :)