19 May 2010

a brand new superhero

Before the clouds rolled in and the wind started blowing today, it was actually a beautiful and exceptionally warm morning. Sensing the need to burn off some of the energy coursing through every atom of my boy, I decided a trip to the park was in order. 

With Eddie and Lute in the stroller, and George in the carrier, we took a walk and soaked up some sun before our final destination: a tiny and well-kept park around the corner. Already on the swings was a very sweet Isabelle, accompanied by her nanny, and a very rambunctious Nolan, there with his grandma. I chatted it up with the ladies while Lute had his adventure on the double slide and even engaged the other kids in a game of chase. 

Nolan was quite the character. Playing innocently one moment and then suddenly transformed into a menacing, grimacing two and half foot wonder. He would leap from ladders, attack the swing, and very adamantly kick wood chips at anyone who crossed him. 

"I am BATMAN!" he announced with fervor. I could tell Lute could not figure this kid out. He eyed him suspiciously whenever they came within five feet of each other.
Eventually his grandma took him home after he threatened me with a large chunk of bark. And boy, did I feel sorry for her, since they lived several blocks away and he was riding home on a push toy. 

Anyway, back at home Lute and I relived our venture to the park over grilled cheese sandwiches. I asked him if he remembered the kids' names.

"Yeah," he said. "Isabelle... and Nolan." 

"And who was he pretending to be?" I asked.
 He paused thoughtfully. "Batman!"
"Yep, that's right," I replied, surprised that he remembered since I am fairly certain he has no idea who that is.
And then my sweet boy, yet to be introduced to any form of superhero, announced, 
"And I am Football Man!"

My husband's son, folks, my husband's son.


  1. lol that's hysterical. If I were a super hero it would be One Armed Woman, since after having my daughter I can do anything with one arm while holding a squirming child in the other. I bet I could give Football Man a run for his money ;)

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. This is an adorable story. Thanks for the grin.