22 April 2010

things i never thought i would say.

If you're a parent, you can relate. You find words coming from within that you never imagined yourself saying. Maybe it's just parents of boys - does anyone with a daughter want to weigh in here? Do people still have girls? I wouldn't know.

On a daily basis I find myself creating restrictions for my children that I figured go without saying. How could I have been so naive?

"No, no, we don't eat the rug."

"Lute, please stop sucking on your brother's fingers."

"Please don't pick up your toilet."

"Please don't put your feet in your mouth."

"Please don't put his feet in your mouth."

"You canNOT run around with poopie on your bootie!"

There is just no excuse for that last one. 


  1. HOORAY!!!
    I am so glad that you posted a link from your other blog!!
    I have three girls and one boy and YES, those statements have all been uttered by me at some point as well! : )
    I haven't been online much as my little one is just 6 weeks old now.. but was feeling a little stir crazy so I cam on today. I am so happy to read of another mom with three under 5(or in your case 3? or 4?)!! : )