09 April 2010

five years and some change

Today marks five years of wedded (mostly) bliss. I can honestly say that they have been better than I could have ever imagined, which isn't too surprising. I got me a good one.

It's fun to think back to those first moments, days, weeks together. Our first encounter at the Christmas tree lighting downtown with Rachel and Jimmy, and Red Robin afterward. Then meeting again the following summer at their wedding - he was a reader and I was a bridesmaid and we were both supposed to be set up with other people. Then he moved back to Seattle and we would carpool from Capitol Hill to Queen Anne together to visit Rachel and Jimmy (have we thanked you guys?).

One of our first conversations during those car rides still makes me laugh. He was admiring his parents, talking about their marriage and how they had remained best friends for over 30 years (I think it was his dad's birthday which was the catalyst for such reflection). That got us to talking about his extended family and how ginormous it was (40-something aunts and uncles and 90+ cousins)...

"So how many kids do you want to have?" I asked.
"I don't know. Like ten?" was his response.
"Wow," I said, taken aback, "I feel sorry for your wife!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Little did I know.

Not too long after that we went on a real date; not long after that he told me over dinner at Taco Time that he thought I was The One; not too long after that we broke up (for 48 dramatic hours), and just a few months later we were engaged. A wedding at St. James, a reception at the DAR, a short flight to the San Juans, a new apartment on Queen Anne, and a honeymoon in Costa Rica. And that's just the first month.

Here we are two apartments, one dog, several road trips, a few plane rides, two houses, an overseas adventure, three babies, and a whole lot in between later. In five years. I am kind of excited to see what's next.

Love you, Nick. Happy anniversary!


  1. congratulations..you guys are truly an amazing and inspiring couple. life sure moves quickly, doesn't it?

    you've both found, sustained and continued to create something special. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Now THAT made me cry. Nothing warms a mom's heart more than seeing she got 'a good one'.

  3. Gratulerer, Carina and Nick! Five years already! Julie often tell people that she has been to the US while she was in my tummy... Think it is time for a new visit!

    Love Ellie

  4. well, let's just say that i'm glad we went to the christmas tree lighting and red robin together that night, and i'm glad that you were a bridesmaid and nick a reader in our wedding, and i'm glad that you guys carpooled to visit us on queen anne... and i'm SO glad that everything has turned out the way it has!! congratulations on 5 wonderful years, 3 perfect little boys, and all the other blessings in between... here's to many, many, many more!! love rachel (and jimmy)