22 March 2010

a weekend away and a birthday boy

This last weekend kicked off wedding season. A wedding I did last fall was featured in a magazine which led to a massive amount of requests for this summer. It's awesome and dizzying all at the same time. Anyway, this was a fun one because it was in the San Juans and my parents were kind enough to watch Eddie and Lute so that Nick (and George) and I could make a weekend of it.

Despite weeks of sick kids, we made it out the door. Not before we passed the bug along lovingly to our kind babysitter, though. Even though she'd spent the night before sick beyond words, my wonderful mother still showed up with enthusiasm (and treats). Nick and I barely looked back as we loaded up the car and peeled out of the driveway on the long drive up to Anacortes. Don't get me wrong, I missed the punk and the pumpkin, but every mama needs a break - especially from runny noses and spontaneous barfing. 

We had hours in the car to enjoy conversation free of toddler tunes. We had a two hour ferry ride to Friday Harbor with gorgeous views and more good conversation. Even George liked it.

boats are cool.

We got into Friday Harbor and drove the windy streets through idyllic green hills with grazing deer to Roche Harbor, wedding locale. We checked into our suite (which was sweet) and took in the view. Then I demanded we get right back in the car and find dinner (don't mess with me and low blood sugar).  We didn't have the best dinner (and by that I mean it was grody), but the beer was good. Same can be said for the second night there. What's up with that, Friday Harbor? 

Anyway, we were absolutely taken with the sights and will be back. Take a looksie for yourself:

The next night we headed back so we could be there when Lute woke up on his THIRD birthday. I don't want to be the cliche mama that gets all weepy and asks, "Where does the time go?" But seriously, where does it go?

He woke up the next morning and announced he was now three and when was the party, anyway? 

Streamers were hung, balloons blown up, pin-the-hat-on-the-fire-dog poster put on the wall, donut cake assembled, pizza ordered, fruit and carrot sticks in place, and the house semi-organized - and all during nap time (procrastination works, people).

lute's greatest dream realized

i ate pizza and donut cake in the same day.

Friends and family arrived, fun was had, and we all went to bed thankful and exhausted.

In the midst of it all, there wasn't much time for reflection. But tonight, before he went to bed, Lute snuggled up to me in the rocking chair and we read "Goodnight Moon", read countless times before. When we were done he asked me to rock him and sing to him, and to be honest, it was hard not to get weepy. His legs hung over the side of the chair and he sang almost every word to "Amazing Grace" right along with me. 

So really, where does the time go? 

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  1. They get so big so fast it seems. I love those moments. And I absolutely love the donut cake idea!! Might have to do that one day...:)