15 March 2010

a tribute or two

This has been a bittersweet week. I am so excited to (officially) welcome my new brother to the family - Brian proposed to my sister Stacy last Friday! Nobody could be more excited about it. Brian and Stacy met it high school almost ten years ago. They dated and Brian really became part of the family. A year or two after that, they decided to part ways and everyone in both families was kind of disappointed. But you gotta let people make their own choices, right? Well, I mean, I try, but some might say I am vocal about my opinions. Over the next five years, Stacy and Brian's paths would cross on occasion and every time something sparked in both of them. But one would be dating someone else, or they both would, and they would agree it just wasn't the right time. Every time this happened, I would very subtly (ha ha) encourage Stacy to dump whoever she was dating (sorry, dudes) and RUN back to Brian ("He's my lobster" she always told me. I mean HELLO.).

Well, it only took five years. They (finally) got back together late last fall, and immediately both of them knew it was a forever deal. And thank you God, because he is in our wedding pictures. I can finally display them in the living room. This isn't about me though, so with that, I just want to say YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEE! I could not be any more enthusiastic about their reunion and now their engagement! Welcome, Brian, it's about freakin' time.

But in all seriousness, Nick and I (and now the boys) have a very dear place in our hearts for Brian, and by extension, his entire family. Sadly, Brian lost his dad, Mike, last week very unexpectedly. So, in the midst of the joy, their is pain. But there is also peace. Mike was an amazing man who lived life to the fullest. Every encounter we had with him was full of joy and laughter. Laughter so booming loud it kinda freaked Lute out, and that is absolutely one of my favorite memories of him. He and his wife, Judy, are dear friends to my parents. His daughters, Julie and Cindy, who are now (officially) my sisters, are such loving and giving women, with awesome husbands and some really cute kids. They truly are an amazing family. I am thankful for the place that they have had in our lives, and I know that Mike's spirit and legacy will continue to bring joy into our families lives for years to come. You can read more about Mike here and you can get the details on the proposal here (Mike was a part of that, too).

We love you, Stacy and Brian. And we love you, Buchanans. Always in our prayers, and definitely in our hearts.


  1. So Carina, tell me, how do you really feel about this reunion...happy?

  2. Let me just say that the reason I'm so happy isn't necessarily for myself, although I love Brian to pieces, and his family just as much, but I've always explained it to people like this...

    Brian puts Stacy first, before himself. Stacy puts Brian first, before herself. And, as a mom, this is a beautiful thing to see. Not only is my daughter truly loved and adored but I am able to see her love somebody else completely and unselfishly. That's why it works, and works so well. They are so totally committed and dedicated to the other. I am so happy they have each found the one who makes thier life complete, who makes them so filled with joy...I love you both so much...

    Sorry to get so mushy.