04 March 2010

mama madness

Today I met two friends for coffee at the mall. We decided on this particular spot, envisioning a time to serenely sit and chat while sipping lattes and watching our boys play together in the "kid zone". There were five boys between us (and that wasn't all of our kids, some got left behind with dadas), two newborns and three very active toddlers. 

Apparently everyone in town had the same idea. When we exited the elevator, we saw at least 60 other children and their parents making the most of their morning at the mall. Rather than peacefully enjoying our coffee and catching up on life, we tagged each other out of the play zone to take turns watching the babies, strollers and belongings. 

I watched mothers and fathers standing idly by watching their kids, others comforting little ones who were jumped on or fallen on by bigger kids (Lute got drop kicked), and frantic young moms running after toddlers making a b-line for the exit or the stairs (seriously, Bellevue, stairs adjacent to a toddler mecca?) or the nearby offices, all while clutching their newborns. Baby Bjorns, pregnant bellies and double strollers abounded. It was a place of kindred spirits, women who could look at each other with knowing eyes and take comfort in shared experience. Except for the fact that none of us could take our eyes off of our energetic young rabble rousers as they jumped off of toy ships and tried to "borrow" cars and sippy cups from kids they've never met.

But in the end, while our coffee date didn't look the way we thought it might, we still managed good quality conversation,  a walk around the mall, and burning off the energy of three sweet little boys. That's the way it goes with these little dudes - things rarely turn out as expected, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

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