15 February 2010

for the love...

I was never really a Valentine's Day person. I thought it was so cheesy and lame and waaaaay too pink (which, by the way, Grandma, is now one of my favorite colors). 

Then I had kids (any excuse to use cookie cutters and pink frosting - how is that not fun?). And I became Catholic (St. Valentine was a cool dude - marrying Christians against governmental mandate and later martyred for staying faithful under religious persecution).  

So in honor of St. Valentine, a little post to the ones I love.

First and foremost, Nick (duh). He is still dreamy after seven years, and he amazes me everyday with his capacity to love - me, our boys, our families, his residents, our community - pretty much anyone put in his path. He inspires me on a daily basis and that's the truth. Plus he let's me sleep in at least once a week, and that seals the deal.

Lute. As if not evidenced enough by my constant need to quote him, this kid makes me laugh every single day. And he is growing such a heart for others (like his Dada), always looking out for his brothers and making sure I know how much he loves me. 

Eddie. Most joyful 7 month old on the planet? Possibly. He is always good for a big smile and a belly laugh whenever I need to hear it.  He is learning to give "kisses", which no matter how drooly they are, make my heart leap. And he is just so darn cute (his hair is starting to look a little Kramer-esque. Hmmm.)

George. Oh my sweet little, make-my-heart-swell George. This is the kid that can be crying one second and then as soon as he sees your face, break out in a big, goofy, open mouth, gummy grin. His joyful squeals are usually so enthusiastic they make him cough. I am excited (and nervous?) to see how this translates into his growing personality.

These are just sweet little glimpses. I can't thank God enough for how He has blessed me.

And besides all of the boys and their amazing goodness, I have
a sister
in laws
that give me life and lift me up whenever I need it.

So, happy belated St. Valentine's Day. May you have even a moment to reflect on the love in your life. 


  1. Carina, you are one of the biggest loves of my life :-) I will use this comment to tell you just a few reasons why...
    You are the best mom I've ever met. Anybody that can keep their sanity with three under 3 and all that entails...and I've witnessed the chaos that the punk, pumpkin, and peanut create.
    You are such a giver, always, always thinking of others, whether it's your family or your community, you are always there. And, if you can't be there, you are praying.
    But mostly, because you are just you. And, I can't forget the fact that you gave me the best grandchildren in the world. They are not only the cutest, but if Lute is any example, they will be fine young men, like their dad. Thanks for doing such a great job and thanks for being the daughter you are...love you!
    P.S. George looks kind of mad.

  2. Awww, thanks Mom :) I learned from the best!

    And I think George is just overwhelmed by the flash. It was like he was working the red carpet with as many photos as I was taking. At least I hope that's it.