15 October 2009


Today is one of those days where you just have to say thanks.  A day where everything occurred in such a way that you really can't go without being grateful...

It started at 7am, when the sun was just peeking over the horizon and my favorite little voice called me over the monitor, "Mamaaaaa, can I have some cereal please?" Truthfully, I wasn't totally grateful in that moment, but this wake up call came 45 minutes later than usual. Thank you for progress.

The morning ran smoothly... boys fed, changed, clothed for the day. Dishes done. Time on the couch with Lute, watching "the train show", all before 9am. Thank you for early productivity.

Then Nick came downstairs (he worked really late) and took over, allowing me over an hour for a mid-morning nap.  He played with Lute, fed Eddie, and did some odds and ends around the house, all before heading off for another long day at the Mount.  Thank you for an amazing husband who is an amazing father, a man with a generous heart who wants the best for all of us.

At noon my mom arrived to watch the boys.  I had three hours to myself to run mundane errands.  But it felt like a vacation - half an hour at Starbucks, reading the paper and sipping a tall mocha (with whip because I am pregnant, thank you baby).  A leisurely hour wandering the aisles of Target, where I finally found Diesel, the train that Lute has been asking about for weeks, who we have been promising to find, but to no avail.  Thanks, Target.  No little 
voice asking for snacks or drinks or when we can "go pay"... Then off to the grocery store to stock up on necessities.  Who knew running errands alone would become a luxury?  Thanks, Mom - for always being so willing to be with my boys, for loving being with my boys...

I am thankful that Target had Elmo books for a buck, of which I bought three, and that meant almost an hour of cuddle time alone with Lute before bed (because we had to read them each more than once, you know).  

And once all was quiet and the toys were picked up, and the dishes were done (again), I am thankful for the snuggle bug who quietly sipped his bottle and slept on my shoulder for over an hour before going down for the night in his crib.

And silly as it is, now I am thankful and excited that it's Thursday night.  I am alone, with two boys in bed, a clean house, and a night of brainless television to enjoy... (I do wish Nick was here, but he isn't much for brainless TV, so I can indulge without guilt).

All in all, today wasn't much different from any other day.  But I am oh so thankful for all of the little gifts that I got to experience through others.  Thank you.

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