16 September 2009

daily blessings

Watching Lute grow up is bittersweet.  He is getting to be such a big boy and not so much of a baby, that my heart aches.  But he keeps me totally entertained on a daily basis.  

Like today, when he requested a glass of water with ice and lemon.  (Does he know he's two?)

Or the other day when he put on Nick's headphones and told me he was "watching music and doing the trees", because Nick listens to the game on those headphones while working in the yard.

Or when I pull into a parking spot and he says, "good job, Mama." 

These are my priceless moments, and I get them every day.

And let's face it, there is no shortage of babies around here.  Eddie is 11 weeks old, a hefty little dude, full of smiles during almost every waking moment.

And in eight short weeks, the third little man will enter our lives.  And then all the launching off the couch, heartburn and sciatica will be over.  And I will be drinking a glass of wine with dinner.  And I will have another beautiful little gift to snuggle all day long.

Yeah, Lute is growing, and he is developing into an amazing big brother.  But no matter what he says in ten or fifteen years, he's still my baby.


  1. This made me cry...no, it made me almost sob. Not only is he a big boy, he is a nice boy. He is a kind, loving boy. He's had an excellent upbringing by two wonderful parents, and a wonderful grandmother :-)
    You guys keep doing what you are doing...

  2. I LOVE this, Carina!! :)


  3. Wow, Carina, your life sure is full!! Praise the Lord! We still fondly remember your visit and laugh about some of the things that went on. Rick is still flying but hasn't brought any pigs in lately.........just fish!! :-)