04 August 2009

so many changes

What a month.  Twelve long days in hot and humid Georgia, honeymooning with my new little love, bringing him home to meet his new family and friends, watching Lute adjust to having a brother, and learning a little self-discipline when it comes to my own sleep schedule.  When it's easy, and when it's hard, I love every moment (well, pretty much).

Here are a few details on our little guy:

Edward Gregory, born on June 30, 2009 at 9:58am.  9 pounds, 10 ounces (and growing steadily!), 20.5 inches.

He is a sleeper. And an eater. He really can't get enough of either of those two things. He has been an incredibly easy baby. Lute was the same way. I am a little nervous about Baby Three (that's his name for now).

God was absolutely behind every detail. Despite it being her fourth baby, and having started dilating three weeks early, and going into labor before we left Seattle, we made it to the hospital seven minutes before his birth, and met him not more than ten minutes later. All of our paperwork and interstate legalities came through in record time. I got to bring him home when he was ten days old, the earliest he could fly as a newborn.  

I had the opportunity to have two meals with his birthmom while I was there, as well as spend time with her in the hospital. My nervousness about an awkward situation melted away almost immediately and what I came to find: I love her. Nick loves her. We want our little Eddie to know what an amazing woman she is. She chose life for him, she loves him, and she was willing to sacrifice a relationship with her beloved son so that he could have the hope of a better life.
We are humbled by her gift.

In case you can't tell, I could go on and on.  I'll stop for now, but there will be more!


  1. What an amazing entry, Carina! I love the part about Eddie's birthmom. That's a wonderful way to view this. :) Hugz to you! ~Dawn

  2. Carina,wow!! I am just now reading this post, and it's such a joy to read. You amaze me! And, by the way, my birthday is June 30th, too! Can't wait to see you soon. :)

  3. praise jesus! what a great name, too.
    yep. love your blog.