03 June 2009

unbelievable and amazing

We got a call from Debbie last Friday, May 29.  Nick was home, which is rare on a Friday afternoon, I was getting ready for a trip to San Diego to watch my sister run in a marathon.

Nick answered his phone and put it on speaker so we could both hear what she had to say. "Nick, I have some great news!  We have a match for you..."

We were shocked, excited, filled with joy, tearful... all of these emotions we hadn't prepared for. I had sort of figured we wouldn't get picked because of the pregnancy, but God had other plans, as is usually the case.

Our baby BOY is due June 29.  And man, we have a lot to do!  Today I went through all of Lute's little clothes, got the special baby detergent, a couple of bottles and pacifiers. It's funny... I've done this before, and yet I have no idea what I need or where to begin. Time to make a to do list...


  1. Congrats, you two! That is wonderful! June 29th is a good day; it's Peiter's birthday :)


  2. WOW!! YOu are going to be one busy Mamma and family. CONGRATS!!