19 June 2009

my three sons

** I have no clue why I can't rotate this picture, so forgive me for the angle. 

We had our ultrasound yesterday and decided to try something new and find out what we're having... It was really fun.  We asked the tech to write it down rather than tell us.  After the appointment we swung into Starbucks for some warm drinks (it was a dreary day) and walked 3 blocks to St. James Cathedral, where we were married.  We sat on the steps, said a prayer, and I opened the envelope... The little blue feet that bordered the paper gave it away before I could read what it said. I laughed and shook my head.  Nick said, "Is it a girl?"  "Nope," I replied.  He tried to hide his elation while checking how I felt about welcoming another boy into the fold, but no worries...I am totally excited. THREE boys... ah, I love it.  

While we were walking to the church, Nick asked Lute, "Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?"
His reply: "I want hot chocolate!"

The kid knows his priorities.

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