27 April 2009

oooohhhhh baby

It was a mere 48 hours after we had officially been put on the wait list.  I had no real suspicion that I might be pregnant, but I took a test anyway.  Positive.  Oh, the mystery (and humor?) in God's timing! We were stunned, excited, disbelieving... and thrilled!

After a great appointment with the doctor last week - heard the heartbeat and saw our very active little baby on an ultrasound - we are ready to share the news!  It's kind of weird to have waited so long to tell people - we didn't do that with Lute.  Still surreal, I guess.  The official due date is November 14... we'll see!

So where does that leave us with the adoption?  Open Door will keep us on the list until the end of my second trimester (August).  We are still unsure how long we will choose to stay on the list - we are eager to adopt, but don't want to have two newborns toooooo close together. We're still praying about it.  If a match isn't made before the baby arrives, then we will have our homestudy updated shortly afterward and get back on the list.  Either way, we are totally at peace, and really, really excited!


  1. Carina, I LOVE it. Classic. This is so God's humor.

  2. That is so awesome Carina. I am really excited for you guys. God will work this out perfectly for your family, just sit back and relax... see what he has in store. He always has the greatest ideas!