31 March 2009

a little perspective

I wrote to Debbie this week, asking how many families are currently waiting, how often they meet with new birth mothers, and how often new families get on the wait list.  Here was the response:

We currently have 9 other families who are open to AA/biracial and either gender.  On average we receive 5-8 calls each week from birth mothers having either AA or biracial babies.  However, on a yearly basis we receive around 300 birth mother calls from women having either AA or biracial babies.  Last year of those 300 that called 39 made a plan of adoption.  So many times women call “in crisis” and by the time the consultant meets with them which is within 24 hours of them calling, the crisis has past.  We receive around 2-3 new families per month. 

So that helped me wrap my brain around it a bit.  With most agencies you are on a list, and when your number comes up, you are referred to a specific baby, and the adoption process moves forward.  But since the mothers choose us from a pool of families, there is no way to know when it will happen.  This definitely put things into perspective, and we're good with it.

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