02 February 2009

the Lifebook

A lot of people have asked what what a Lifebook is.  Basically, it is a 10-15 page photo book of our lives.  Not posed (for the most part), but of our day-to-day and different experiences we've had along the way.  It begins with a letter to the birthmother, which I still need to write.  We make 20 copies of it, and the social workers will take it to their meeting with the birthmothers, who use it to choose their family.

  I have all the photos and they are ready to be put together, which is my project today.  My goal was to have it done a week ago, but as usual, I am beyond my self-imposed deadline.

Our homestudy was completed this week and she is mailing it to the agency, so I am really after it now!  For the fun of it, I thought I'd include some oldie but goodie photos of us that might make you laugh.  Just so you can reminisce with us.

this one is my absolute favorite - nothing like a singlet


  1. Congratulations!
    Having the homestudy done is a big deal!
    I sent you an email a while ago offering to hook you up with books and some other families and never heard back from you....
    Let me know...

  2. One step closer to my new grandbaby!

  3. might I suggest the one of you in front of Ronald House, it is still my fav... oh and the ones of you posing in yout swimsuit!