13 January 2009

books on adoption

There are several books out there on adoption.  We have yet to read any of them, but we have one on hold at the library that looks promising.  It was recommended by a friend who is currently on the waitlist to adopt siblings from Ethiopia (amazing!).  

One recommendation from Claire, who is doing our homestudy, was to read children's books on the topic.  They are straightforward and deal with the subject in a way we'll have to use to address it with our kids at some point, so why not start now?  There are a lot out there, and some of them are really lame, but we have found one that we love (and so does Lute!).  It is really cute:

If it isn't obvious, it's about a kangaroo who really wants a baby and a lamb who really needs a "Ma-a-a".  It deals with adoption, looking different than your parents, and finding love in unexpected places.  It is really cute, and a fun read.

We'll keep you updated on the other good stuff we find.  

I sent an email to the agency last week with a few random questions.  Still waiting to hear back and still waiting on that background check.  C'mon, FBI!  Get to work!

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  1. That's so awesome, I'll have to pass that onto my friends who are awaiting an adoption. Happy Thursday! Stopping over from SITS!