02 November 2008

We are adopting!!

Yep, it's time to add to the brood... And we are so excited! After a lot of prayer and discussion, talking with friends who have adopted, researching various agencies, and more prayer, we know this is where God is leading us.

We received our letter of acceptance last week from Open Door, an agency in Georgia (the state, not the country). Our next step is meeting with the counselor who will do our home study, and we'll do that this Wedesday night. Once all of that is done (should take a couple of months), it could be 3 months to a year before we bring our new little dink home. It all so surreal... we can't wait!

Our hope is to keep this blog up to date with our journey along the way for anyone who wants to know what the process is like and wants to walk with us as we prepare to welcome our new baby! Please be in prayer with us and pray for the little one that may already be on the way!

The other day, as we were on the way to the store, I asked Lute if he wanted a baby brother or sister (he said baby sister, so we'll see...)... All through the store he kept reminding me that we were there to pick up a baby sister. He sort of forgot about it by the end of the trip as he got distracted by balloons and halloween candy. It was pretty cute.

Thanks for checking in with us - hope all is well with you all!
Much love,
Nick and Carina


  1. Awesome news! So happy for you!

  2. WOW! How exciting.. Congrats! I will be sure to check on your Blog, now that I know you Blog :)


  3. yay! we're so excited for you guys and hope to learn lots from you as you go through this process. i'm also stoked to see you have a blog and i'm adding to my google reader right now... :) praying for you and baby #2!

  4. Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys :-)

  5. Congratulations Nick and Carina!!
    So excited to hear the news. Can't wait for more info and pictures. Love ya.

  6. awesome awesome! we'll be praying for you guys!

  7. GRATULERER!! All four of you are welcome to Norway anytime. Julie is practising her English. Today she learned the useful word "mouse". You will be in our prayers. Miss you!