10 November 2008

just waiting...

And now we wait!  We had our physicals today, and they tell us that we are mentally sound (try to hold back the sarcasm).  We get our blood work back next week and then our doctor can forward on his approval.  

We've also asked a few dear friends (thank you thank you thank you) to write our reference letters and they are all working away on those...

We will go get our background checks done on Thursday and mail those off to the FBI, along with our letter of consent.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock... Once all of that is in, we will wait to hear from Claire, our home study specialist, and then we can get moving.  Can't wait!  Oh wait, we have to wait... (that word is starting to look weird).

In non-adoption related updates, here is a cute photo of Lute on Halloween.  Lil' stinker.

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