07 November 2008

the home study begins! sort of...

We met with the woman who will do our home study today. She is not a social worker, as I had thought, but a psychotherapist that works independently with people seeking to adopt. And she is cool.

She asked us a bunch of questions about why we want to adopt, our history as a couple, what it's been like to be parents, etc. Then she went over the process with us, and now we begin! Our next step is getting the thumbs up from our doctor - gotta make sure we are mentally and physically capable of taking care of another one. We'll go in on Monday, so the ball is rolling!

Then we have to get background checks and write autobiographies, get our references to write glowing letters about us, and then she'll come check out our place.

It has offically begun!


  1. Hey Carina!! So fun to read your update. Congratulations!! We are praying about adoption in our family too, so I'm excited to follow your process. I'll be praying for you guys!

  2. I am so excited that you guys are adopting!!! I had a recent experience with adoption myself and if was such a miracle. My friends little sister got pregnant and was going to have an abortion unless her sis would adopt the baby. But my friends husband refused. So I, in desparation told the friend to tell her about my other friend, erica, who has had fertility issues for four years. When the friend called me back saying you sister agreed to not abort if erica adopted the baby I was stunned, but thrilled. So tthen I called erica and told her what was going on and her and her hubby were more than willing to ablige. Now they have Vanessa Elianna who is now 9 months old. But anyway, the Whole thing was so great and we could see God moving through it all. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. Congratulations you three. I hope all goes well and you find the child that will benefit from the love you have. Best wishes

    Uncle Bill, Billy and Katy